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An Adventurous

Inspired by a legend.

Ray Bradbury along with Dylan Thomas helped shape my young mind as a kid reading books. With novels like Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles, Ray Bradbury was the writer who is most responsible for bringing modern science fiction into the literary mainstream. Ray Bradbury’s novels allowed my imagination to run wild and come up with crazy dreams and ideas. That same adventurous imagination is what helped create Sire’s Crown Eyewear. The Bradbury is one of the most classical frames here at Sire’s. This design pays homage to Ray Bradbury’s iconic and notable glasses he wore. Like Ray Bradbury’s novels taught me a lot about life and imagination, this frame has taught more about people than any other design. Round frames are not about face shape; they are about bold style & confidence. Although, these bold, round frames are not the most popular design, the client that buys it almost always has the best fashion sense. Anybody can buy the Bradbury frames, but it takes a truly confident, bold, and creative person to truly rock them. Like the rest of our frames, the Bradbury frame is eco-friendly and hand crafted out of exotic and sustainable woods, which can withstand the 50 pounds of shear stress of a lens popping in.

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Black, Brown, Italian Ebony, Olive Ash Burl, Pau Ferro, Rosewood, Sappelle Pomelle, Walnut, Walnut Burl, Wenge, Zebra