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Named after the Hayward Hotel

This large, yet thin frame is named after the famous Hayward Hotel. Built in 1906, the Hayward Hotel was one of downtown Los Angeles’s first high-rise buildings. The Hayward hotel is one of Los Angeles’s first major structures to be built with reinforced concrete, making it strong and durable, just like our Sire’s glasses. This design was one of our experimental frames, which turned out to be extremely sleek and stylish. We designed this frame as an experiment to test our handcrafting abilities and to see how slim-lined we could make a wooden frame. the boxy shape is representative of the Buddy Holly style, but we added our own unique Sire’s twist by removing about 80% of the thickness, making them the thinnest wood frame on the planet! Despite their thin frame, they still have the durability and strength of all of our frames at Sire’s. Like the rest of our frames, the Hayward frame is eco-friendly and hand crafted out of exotic and sustainable woods, which can withstand the 50 pounds of shear stress of a lens popping in.

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Black, Brown, Italian Ebony, Olive Ash Burl, Pau Ferro, Rosewood, Sappelle Pomelle, Walnut, Walnut Burl, Wenge, Zebra