Sires Eyewear


In the beginning…

Chris Erven and CJ Thomason have spent the last 10 years developing eco-conscious eyewear. From the first frame that took CJ 30 hours to carve and Chris 3 seconds to break, to hundreds of frames later, thousands of hours, and a desire to develop what may be the most durable wood frame on the market, Chris and CJ now bring you Sire’s Crown q.v., a hand crafted masterpiece.

We want every frame to last and our mission is to create unique masterpieces, crowns, so that you will enjoy your handcrafted wooden eyewear years from now. That in itself is an act that creates less waste, sending out a wave of positive change.

Unique Quality that Lasts

In order to fulfill this we have all our frames designed with superior quality Swiss hinges, allowing for durability and longevity, designed with your needs in mind.

“We’re not redesigning these classic styles, we’re changing how they’re made…”