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It takes a village…

I’ve recently become a father and I can’t but feel like I’ve been here before.  Everything feels so normal.  There’s almost a deja vu aspect to this whole experience.  I find myself curiously analyzing the moment to moment learning curve developing in me as a father, Irina as a mother, and Nolan as a young boy.  I constantly experience the now, feel the knowledge and exhausting weight of the past, but the ever hopeful energy from seeking the future.  My oh my I’ve done this before.  I built Sires.  I believed in something before it was born.  I remember the first time I held my “first perfect frame” in my hand.  I remember all the milestones that felt like huge victories but now seem like pebbles on the beach endlessly scattered but each equally important.  After my job creating Sires came the village’s job.  Each person has played a vital role.  I’m a collaborator.  I always have been.  I can’t help but be amazed that within the DNA of Sires is that same passion for collaboration.  I mean we are screaming on our website to schedule an appointment because at the end of the day we know we can make you a better frame to represent you if we have your input.  Sires is the fruits of my labor for sure.  But I can’t help but recognize its from the efforts of so many beyond my own.