Our Lenses

Using the latest technology in lens manufacturing

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Our In-House Lab Uses Cutting Edge Technology

All of our lenses have a
premium Anti-Reflection coating
that also includes a 2-year warranty.

We only use the latest technology
by lens manufacturers including
Zeiss, Seiko, Nikon and Varilux, or Transitions.

Additional Coatings

Optionally, you may choose other technologies, such as hydrophobic, oleophobic and anti-static coatings.

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Coatings & Processes

Our recommendations for your Rx

Plano to 1.50 : CR39
1.75 – 3.75 : Polycarbonate
4.0 – 6.50 : 1.67 Hi-Index
6.75+ : 1.74 Ultra Thin

Rx’s Total Power = Sphere + Cylinder


Conventional progressives have a narrow field of vision

New Digital Technology gives you 50% more

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All of our lenses can be Prescription or Non-Prescription Sunglasses and Transitions
Since we are a full optical lab we can do any custom tint color, mirrored colored, gradients or polarized
Lens price varies based on your prescription and lens choices
Below are some of the standard tints