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Wild Eyed Angelenos

At Sires Eyewear we have helped numerous people from Los Angeles to New York get the perfect glasses for their style and face shape. Our eyewear gurus will determine which style of frame, shape and size fits your facial structure the best. We know just how incredibly difficult it is to decide on a single pair of glasses, especially since they essentially become a part of the wearer. This is why our priority is to help you create or select the perfect pair of glasses. We view perfection as something you are 100% satisfied with and love wholeheartedly. Our stylists are our ambassadors and the heart of our process. They are highly trained experts and are completely dedicated to achieving perfection. Our stylists are all knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and well versed in the eyewear industry. They have extensive experience customizing and tailoring glasses for customers with a variety of tastes and styles. In order to achieve success through pairings, they will begin the process by fact finding. This is simply a thorough way of getting to know you, as well as your needs and style. Once this is fulfilled, we will commence with the digital stylist appointment. Based on this, the stylist will determine what works best for you.

They will take the reigns and guide you through the easy process so you never have to worry about anything. We will find ways of connecting with you in a unique, fun and exciting manner. Our stylists are always ready to help you! They are available through email, phone, text, Skype and Facetime.

Appointments are fast and easy and can be done via text, Skype, FaceTime or voice call.

Marta M.

Fashion Guru and Innovator

Rebecca W.

Rockstar Mom & Eyewear Fashionista

John D.


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We will curate a sample collection of the best suited frames for your personal style and send them to you so you can see how great they look in person! Book your appointment now, so that we can send this collection of frames to you immediately and for FREE. Appointments are fast and easy and can be done via text, Skype, FaceTime or voice call.