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Alfred Austin said,“If you show me your garden I’ll show you what you are.” Meet the Sires Garden:
Our most important plant belongs to our most important crew member, Marta. Opie is named after a Polish word “opiekuz” which basically means “protector or guardian”. Opie is a mixture of several carnivorous plants that protect our garden from insects like aphids. She represents her owner well who is our Polish queen bee and the backbone of Sires manufacturing. Not a single frame passes through our shop that Marta hasn’t personally poured her hard work into… not bad for a girl who we originally hired to model. Don’t believe me?… http://instagram.com/marta_ok
Meet “Tomikaze”. Thomas’ plant is a fern and one of my favorite plants of all time. Classic plant for a Classic guy. Thomas runs shipping and receiving but also pretty much does 500 other tasks along with sales, appointments, and the occasional construction project. If you’re ever in LA I’m sure I can score you tickets to hear one of his DJ sets around LA.
“Rocky” is so radly named because when Richard first started working for us he didn’t know to take breaks and ended up sanding till his fingers bled. I basically told him welcome to the team and deemed him the Rocky Balboa of Sires. Regardless, a cactus named “Rocky” just fits.
“Shwag Victorious” is the name of Victor’s plant because… well… too many inside jokes and I don’t have time to write it all. Victor is basically our shop manager but he does it with style and personality. These two, plant & human, are kindred spirits.
“Hadly Bread” is the name of Brad Head’s plant. Brad is a buddy of mine for the last 10 years (crazy its been that long) and this guy is one of the more talented artists I’ve ever known. He runs a record label https://www.facebook.com/grdtapes (coolest mix tapes on the planet) and cooks insane vegetarian dishes. For a Detroit based guy who basically almost always wears black minus a graphic tee he oddly has an affinity for pink… so I got him this plant with some pink in it.
“Ms. Sandy” belongs to Sandra. She’s one of our newest eyewear makers but she designs and makes her own clothes, is always dressed beautifully, and I thought she deserved one of the prettiest plants.
“Wes 2.0” is our other newest crew member’s plant. Wes is an insanely rad guy. I couldn’t be happier to have him on the team. He’s a designer, an artist, a hard worker, and seemingly just a good guy. “Wes 2.0” is aptly named due to the fact that our other Wes, who helped launch our company, is working in production (since he’s an insane entertainer with millions of Youtube hits out of his 3 videos), and our new Wes is filling in… for good.
The Sires garden is eclectic, young, and growing. We’re a team. I like Arthur Austin’s quote. I think if you were to take a close look at our garden you would find out exactly who we were as people and as a business. If you ever meet us, tour our shop, or talk to us online, you’ll find out for yourself.